Friday, July 3, 2015

Yoga is not only about flexibility of body but also of mind.

Yoga is not only about flexibility of body but also of mind.

The best part about practising Yoga is that it increases your concentration power and focus and thereby increases your efficiency in work which require lot of thinking.

It helps to bring a shift in your mindset by expanding your thinking which in turn helps you make better decisions and helps you progress in life as it will help you see things in a much broader prospective and on a much more deeper level. 

You will find remarkable changes in your personal life as well as work life.

You first need to understand that there is much more to Yoga than just performing asanas. Don't restrict yourself to such thinking that you practice Yoga by performing asanas. Doing asana is very important but it is just one aspect of Yoga.

There are 8 Limbs of Yoga - Meditation is one of them.

I would strongly recommend you to Meditate everyday at least for 10 minutes twice a day, ideally when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed. This will help you to be more clear about your thinking and activities to be performed in the day. It will help you reflect and sort things in your mind.

Meditation makes your mind calm and uplifts your mood. 

When you meditate, you are in a better position to tackle difficult situations, difficult people and difficult decisions.

Yoga helps to create a smooth synergy between mind and body which helps to regulate the functioning of the system.

Yoga aids mental health and when you are mentally strong, you can tackle body related problems much more effectively.

Yoga involves a lot of thinking and understanding. 

You need to connect to yourself and understand the chaos inside you and outside, that is the external influences that affect you and for that meditation is very important.

We all have something in life with which we are not happy or where we feel we are missing something or we feel stuck in a situation. You can reach to the root cause of your problems and achieve this understanding by meditating.

Many thoughts will come up on the surface, don't suppress them but let them all come out and observe yourself and your thoughts without being judgemental, partial or controlling. A lot of diseases happen when we suppress our thoughts and feelings and keep pushing them back in our system. We feel we have forgotten those thoughts but the fact is they are there very much in your system and subconsciously they affect your life by creating chaos in your thinking and affect your decisions, your relations and your life. You need to address those thoughts, let them come up on the surface and make peace with them. Then see how positively your body will respond to every asana that you do or even just meditation. Till you don't understand yourself completely, you cannot be at peace. When you do, you can adjust with the most difficult people on this planet and make your life easy and be happy.

Life is never perfect for anybody but you have to learn to make peace with yourself which will help you maintain the right equilibrium in your present chaotic situation.

Please note when I say chaos, it does not mean noise on the surface but the noise inside you which affects you subconsciously.

You need to settle that otherwise your life will keep revolving around similar situations and you will keep attracting the same kind of people in your life.

Yoga is a very vast subject that address to the problems of Body and Mind. 

Will talk more about the "Eight Limbs Of Yoga" in the next post.

Till then meditate and Ginger Up Your Life!



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